ASEAN Student Connected

Improving youth’s awareness on ASEAN Community is very important. Education underpins ASEAN community building. Education lies at the core of ASEAN’s development process, creating a knowledge-based society and contributing to the enhancement of ASEAN competitiveness. ASEAN also views education as the vehicle to raise ASEAN awareness, inspire the “we feeling”, and create a sense of belonging to the ASEAN Community and understanding of the richness of ASEAN’s history, languages, culture and common values. As the collective entity to enhance regional cooperation in education, the ASEAN Education Ministers identified four priorities that ASEAN cooperation on education would address, namely: (i) Promoting ASEAN Awareness among ASEAN citizens, particularly youth; (ii) Strengthening ASEAN identity through education; (iii) Building ASEAN human resources in the field of education; and (iv) Strengthening ASEAN University Networking.
Student mobility program is already run at higher education level, but still relatively less in senior high school students. The senior high school has also carried out various activities to visit partner schools, but there is a tendency not sufficiently intensive to strengthen programs in academic aspects. It would need to develop an activity that makes interaction among students between countries become more intensive before and after the visit.
The important thing for improving student’s awareness is to equip student with some skills, attitudes, and capabilities. Preparing youth for the ASEAN Community in terms of skills: Linguistic skills, Knowledge about ASEAN and ASEAN Member Countries, Vocational skills based on ASEAN and International standards, negotiation skills for the international arena. Preparing youth for the ASEAN Community in terms of attitude: Thinking beyond national interest, Positive attitude towards the ASEAN Community/Member States, Working as a team with other countries/ cross cultural experiences in working environment. Preparing youth for the ASEAN Community in terms of capability: Expertise in one’s own profession, Output and Results-oriented outlook, Promoting better service based on international standards, and the ability to work according to international standards (professionalism).
Nowadays, opportunities to use virtual learning and also enhances learning networks has not been widely used as a way for increasing awareness of the ASEAN community, especially in secondary school students. Strengthening student mobility program on secondary school students can be prepared earlier with the involvement of students between countries, using the advantages of virtual learning. Through these media, we can develop various activities that encourage interaction between students across the country in relevant interests. This is consistent with the mandate on ASEAN Socio Cultural Community Blueprint which states that some of the actions are Use ICT to promote education and life-long learning particularly in underserved communities through open, distance education and e-learning; Promote education networking in various levels of educational institutions and continue university networking and enhance and support student and staff exchanges and professional interactions (ASEAN Socio Cultural Blueprint, 2009).