Megatren 2010: …

Megatren 2010: The new list

Here is my new list of megatrends, each of which serves as one of this book’s chapters.

  1. The Power of Spirituality. In turbulent times, we look within; 78 percent seek more Spirit. Meditation and yoga soar. Divine Presence spills into business. “Spiritual” CEOs as well as senior executives from Redken and Hewlett-Packard (HP) transform their companies.
  2. The Dawn of Conscious Capitalism. Top companies and leading CEOs are re-inventing free enterprise to honor stakeholders and shareholders. Will it make the world a better place? Yes. Will it earn more money? That’s the surprising part: Study after study shows the corporate good guys rack up great profits.
  3. Leading from the Middle. The charismatic, overpaid CEO is fading fast. Experts now say “ordinary” managers, like HP’s Barbara Waugh, forge lasting change. How do they do it? Values, influence, moral authority.
  4. Spirituality in Business is springing up all over. Half speak of faith at work. Eileen Fisher, Medtronic win “Spirit at Work” awards. Ford, Intel and other firms sponsor employee-based religious networks. Each month San Francisco’s Chamber of Commerce sponsors a “spiritual” brown bag lunch.
  5. The Values-Driven Consumer. Conscious Consumers, who’ve fled the mass market, are a multi-billion-dollar “niche.” Whether buying hybrid cars, green building supplies or organic food, they vote with their values. So, brands that embody positive values will attract them.
  6. The Wave of Conscious Solutions. Coming to a firm near you: Vision Quest. Meditation. Forgiveness Training. HeartMath. They sound touchy-feely, but conscious business pioneers are tracking results that will blow your socks off.
  7. The Socially Responsible Investment Boom. Today’s stock portfolios are green in more ways than one. Where should you invest? This chapter charts the “social” investment trend and helps you weigh your options.