Optimism of Indonesia as a part of ‘Emerging Economy Countries’

See the definition of emerging economy here.

Asia -economic outlook lihat di http://www.focus-economics.com/en/economy/region-outlook/Asia

Recent indicators paint a strong picture of the Indonesian economy. In Q4, GDP grew 5.7% over the same quarter of the previous year, which was just above the 5.6% expansion recorded in Q3. In December, retail sales expanded 26.6%, which followed the 17.8% rise tallied in November. On the external front, a 10.3% rise in exports pushed the trade balance to a USD 1.5 billion surplus in December, which nearly doubled the USD 789 million surplus registered in November and marked the largest trade balance since November 2011. Moreover, the strong trade surplus is helping to both reduce the current account deficit and stabilize the rupiah. http://www.focus-economics.com/en/economy/outlook/Indonesia

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Analisis akan merujuk: https://www.uschamber.com/sites/default/files/legacy/international/files/ASEAN%20Survey%202014.pdf